The Star-K has issued an alert for a number of certified Nori Brands

Recalled Nori Brands as of September 5, 2018
The lot numbers are usually inkjetted on the bag or package.
1) Sweet City – Star-K symbol. Two recalled lots: 09250 and 131820
2) China Mehadrin – CRC (Hisachdus) symbol. One recalled lot: 3200/02426 1803 3242618043 2018 5A3B
3) Sushi Metzuyan – Star-K symbol. One recalled lot: 121919
4) Huaxin Seaweed – All bear an unauthorized Kof-K symbol. Should be considered not kosher.
5) Ushia Sushi – All bear an unauthorized Star-K symbol. Should be considered not kosher.
6) Sushi Maven – Volover symbol. ALL lots recalled EXCEPT two:
a. Best by Date: 09/30/2019 may be used.
b. Best by Date: 01/10/2019 may be used.
Any brand/lot that is NOT part of this recall is permitted at the current time.
NOTE: All nori must bear a kosher symbol. Nori without a kosher symbol has a concern of being processed on non-Kosher equipment and may not be used (even with checking for insects).