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57: Bell Peppers from Israel being sold at King Soopers

Bell Peppers from Israel are being sold at King Soopers stores in Denver. They can NOT be used unless proper tithing (hafroshas terumos uma’asros) has been performed. Please check all vegetables from any store and check if they originate from Israel. Any fruits,...

56: Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock Beer

Please note that Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock Beer will now be certified STAR-D DAIRY and will bear the STAR-D symbol. Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock Beer bearing old labels do not bear any symbol and are dairy. The beer contains dairy ingredients and should not be...

55: Unauthorized OK Kosher at 7-11

7-Eleven stores are displaying an unauthorized OK kosher symbol on Chai Tea Latte signs above hot beverage dispensers. OK Kosher Certification does not certify any 7-Eleven retail locations or products prepared on premises. Corrective measures are being taken.

53: Live demo of shechita, bedikah nikkur and melicha in Denver

The Scroll K and Agudath Israel of Colorado, in partnership with Aish Denver, DAT Minyan and the Denver Commuinty Kollel, are pleased to present a live demonstration of shechita, bedikah, nikkur, and melicha by Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein of Chicago,...

King Soopers Bread & Buns

In the past, breads or buns produced by The King Soopers bakery plant, sold on the regular grocery shelves, had The Scroll K symbol pre-printed on the package. Due to a change in packaging, any bread with either a pre-printed Scroll K symbol or a Scroll K printed in...

50: Status of Oreo Sandwich Cookies

FROM THE OU: WHAT IS THE STATUS OF OREO® SANDWICH COOKIES? DO THEY CONTAIN ACTUAL DAIRY INGREDIENTS? At the present time the following Oreo® Sandwich Cookies do not contain dairy ingredients, although they are manufactured on dairy equipment: ·        Original Oreo®...

49: Infestation of Goji Berries

From the cRc (Chicago): The cRc, along with other kashrus agencies, have been finding a high number of insects in dried goji berries. Until further notice, dried goji berries are not recommended, even when bearing kosher certification.

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