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Mand’Or Brand Almond Milk is NOT kosher certified

Mand'Or Brand Almond Milk, imported by Almond Art USA, bears an unauthorized STAR-K and is not under our certification. The production facility is not authorized by STAR-K. In addition, the products contain ingredients, including grape juice, from sources unknown to...

36: Benecol Light and Original is now DAIRY

Benecol Light and Original (formerly OU pareve), a cholesterol-lowering margarine product, in removing the last .5 grams of trans fat, reformulated the products adding buttermilk to the mix. While it is now labeled OU-D, consumers who have been purchasing the product...

Izzio’s Cherry Almond Bread – Mistaken Certification

Izzio's  Cherry Almond Bread was mistakenly labelled as Scroll K certified.  This product found in the 5 Scroll K-certified King Soopers IS kosher certified. If this product is found in any other establishment, it IS NOT Scroll K certified. Corrective measures have...

Star-K Alert – Appliance Light Bulbs

Please note for all STAR-K certified Sabbath Mode appliances, we strongly advise you not to replace the incandescent bulb that came with your appliance (refrigerator, oven) with the newer LED bulbs.  The Sabbath Mode feature may not operate correctly with a bulb type...

30: Vanilla Creme Cookies are kosher, OK-dairy

A limited amount of 7-Select Vanilla Creme Cookies (sold in 7-Eleven stores) mistakenly bear a plain OK symbol, instead of the required OK-D symbol. This product is certified kosher and dairy. Corrective actions were taken.

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