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27: Cabo Crunch is CRC-Dairy

Please note that cRc certifies Cabo Crunch, produced by Handfulls, as Kosher-Dairy (cholov stam) with the dairy ingredient clearly stated in the ingredient and allergen panel. However, the dairy designation next to the cRc logo was inadvertently omitted. Corrective...

26: Prigat Strawberry Banana Drink NOT KOSHER FOR PESACH

Product: Prigat Strawberry Banana drink (in a can) UPC code  7 290001 594452 with a Best Before date of Feb 06/18  Is NOT kosher for Pesach. Issue: Prigat strawberry banana drink (in a can) UPC code  7 290001 594452 with a Best Before date of Feb 06/18, has...

23: Cinnaholic Cherry Creek certified Scroll K DE

Cinnaholic Cherry Creek, 3000 E 1st Ave, 197A, Denver, CO 80206 is kosher certified DE by the Scroll K. Please be sure to read carefully the Kosher Letter displayed in the store. The same would be advised for the various Scroll K ice-cream shops that offer toppings.

18: Prince Tahini – All Products, Unauthorized OK

Issue: Prince Tahini (products of Israel) products bear an unauthorized OK symbol on the packaging.  The company website also contains an unauthorized OK Passover symbol. This company and their products are NOT certified by OK Kosher certification. Corrective action...

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