Kosher Consulting for Correctional Facilities

The Scroll K, a nationally recognized kosher certification agency, provides kosher consulting for kosher meals prepared in correctional facilities. The consulting is done by constantly monitoring the kosher kitchen area by video cameras as well as on-site inspections.

The Scroll K personnel will:

1. Assist with establishing an acceptable kosher menu.

2. Work with the correctional food service representative to establish the required preparation protocols.

3. Provide guidance regarding restrictions that apply on Sabbath and Jewish holidays.

4. Review the videos of the kosher preparations to verify that the kosher guidelines are being followed.

5. Visit the facilities and do on-site inspections of the kosher prep areas, ingredients etc.

6. Meet with the food service staff as well as the inmates doing the preparations to assure that they have a good understanding of the kosher requirements.

7. Meet with inmates that are on the kosher program to address their concerns and thereby minimize litigation regarding the kosher diets.

8. Try to preempt issues by pointing out potential concerns to the correctional staff, and offer possible solutions to avoid them from becoming problems.

For more information regarding establishing a kosher program contact: Rabbi Moshe Heisler at or 303-595-9349.

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