Preprinted bags bearing the Scroll K symbol are kosher certified, see list below. Bags that are not printed with the Scroll K symbol on the plastic but have a label with the Scroll K symbol on them, are mislabeled and are NOT kosher certified, see below for list. Corrective measures have been taken. 

Label stuck on package – NOT kosher certified



Bag printed with certification – kosher-certified

Certified when bearing the Scroll K:


8 slice San Francisco Style Sourdough

8 slice Italian Country

8 slice Chia Cracked Rye

8 slice Honey Spelt

8 slice Lucky 7 Multigrain

SF Style Sourdough Rolls 8 Pack

 Not Certified Items:

Sprouts SF Style Sourdough 14 oz.
Sprouts Seedsational 14 oz.
Sprouts Cranberry Raisin Walnut 14 oz.
Sprouts Kalamata Green Olive 14 oz.
Sprouts Ciabatta 14 oz.
Sprouts Rosemary 14 oz.
Sprouts Sesame Semolina 14 oz.
Sprouts Baby Boule 10 oz.