King Soopers Bread and Buns

Due to many questions regarding this ongoing issue, we are re-issuing this alert for the benefit of the public. 
Due to a change in packaging, King Soopers breads and buns (including these brands: Good to Dough®, King Soopers®, Kroger®, Private Selection®, Simple Truth®) are certified kosher only when the Scroll K symbol is printed in the ink-jetted production code.
Any packaged of the above-mentioned items without the Scroll K symbol are not certified kosher.
It is prudent to check often as the same product can change sources (and kosher status) without notice.
We at Scroll K as well as King Soopers apologize for any confusion caused by this packaging change.
Call, text or email Rabbi Michoel Fleischmann with any questions or concerns at 303-815-4882 or