Pesach Alert Re: Garlic, Cocoa and Thickeners (Corrected)

  1. Anyone who purchased “ESKD Peeled Garlic” marked Kosher for Pesach from the produce section at East Side Kosher Deli on or before March 14th is advised not to use this for Pesach. This can continue to be used for non Pesach cooking. Customers may return this for a full refund. If you have already used this in any Pesach cooking please contact us at 303-595-9349 or
  2. Our Pesach Newsletter states: Rodelle® baking cocoa, 700 grams and 25 oz. sizes with Scroll K certification is Kosher for Pesach. This is correct for conventional cocoa only. Rodelle® organic cocoa should not be used for Pesach. If you have already used this in any Pesach items, please contact us at 303-595-9349 or  
  3. For Pesach information on thickeners for patients with dysphagia, please contact us.