Pesach Information and Updates

Please note the following timely information and updates:

  1. ‘Prepare for Pesach with Scroll K’ will take place tonight, 7:30-8:30 at The Jewish Experience, 399 S. Monaco Parkway. For men and women, no charge. Features will be ‘Learn how to check lettuce and other produce in your kitchen’ and ‘Common Pesach Questions Answered’. Questions can be submitted to
  2. Community Kashering will take place at 3 local locations (Aish: April 10th 1:30-3 PM, Zera Abraham: April 11th 6-7 PM, BMH-BJ: April 13th via drop-off and pickup). Items should be clean and not used for 24 hours prior to kashering. For more details, see Kashrus Komments Pesach Guide pages 5-10.
  3. The following varieties of Gerber Baby Food are approved for Pesach use (when bearing the OU symbol) IN GLASS JARS ONLY: Carrots Green Beans – kitniyos, Squash, Peas – kitniyos.
  4. Please be advised that the recommendation for Fresh Blueberries has been updated, as follows: Agitate the blueberries in soapy water for a minute, and then agitate one more time in plain water. This does not apply to organic and “u-pick” blueberries, which require the thrip cloth method.
  5. On page 25 of this year’s Kashrus Komments Pesach Guide, Hashem’s name was inadvertently included and should be treated with appropriate respect.