Kashrus Alerts

King Soopers Bread and Buns

Due to many questions regarding this ongoing issue, we are re-issuing this alert for the benefit of the public.  Due to a change in packaging, King Soopers breads and buns (including these brands: Good to Dough®, King Soopers®, Kroger®, Private Selection®, Simple Truth®) are certified kosher only when the Scroll K symbol is printed in..

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Non-Kosher-for-Passover Ba-Tampte Horseradish

It has come to our attention that some non-kosher-for-Passover bottles of Batampte White Horseradish were inadvertently sold at The East Side Kosher Deli. If you purchased Batampte White Horseradish from East Side Kosher Deli, please check the bottle to ensure there is an OUP.  If you have a bottle without an OUP, this may not..

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Pesach Kashrus Alert

Some containers of J&J Low Fat Cottage Cheese (Green and white 16 oz. container) with the Date on bottom 4/22/20 may have been sold in the Pesach section of the East Side Kosher Deli. This item is NOT marked Kosher for Pesach and is NOT kosher for Pesach. All exchanges or refunds will be honored…

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