Pas Yisroel

Pas Yisroel

What is Pas Yisroel?

Pas Yisroel is a bread or pastry product that was baked with the participation of a Jewish person.

Are all kosher baked goods Pas Yisroel?

No. Unlike many cooked items where the participation of a Jewish person in its cooking is an absolute requirement, with baked items it is only a preference. Therefore, an item certified by a reliable kosher certification should be assumed to be non-Pas Yisroel, unless the packaging bears the Pas Yisroel designation.

How are commercially produced products made to be Pas Yisroel?

The most reliable way to make a product Pas Yisroel would be for a Jewish person to either place the item into the oven or to turn on the fire. Since this is not feasible in most commercial establishments, most reliable kashrus certifying agencies will use alternate methods to manufacture products as Pas Yisroel.

The following guide indicates the local establishments which produce Pas Yisroel, as well as the system that they are using. A “Comments” column regarding the standard of Pas Yisroel is included.

Location Pas Yisroel Products System Comments
Brooklyn Pizza All products are Pas Yisroel The oven and pilot lights are ignited by the Mashgiach  
East Side Kosher Deli All products baked by the East Side Kosher Deli A Jewish person lights the pilot light; a Mashgiach Temidi is on premises during all hours of operation The Vaad certifies these products as Pas Yisroel
King Soopers In-Store Bakeries,
1. 890 S. Monaco Pkwy (Leetsdale @ Monaco)
2. 6470 East Hampden Ave. (Hampden @ Monaco)
3. 4600 Leetsdale Drive
4. 4910 S. Yosemite (Yosemite @ Belleview)
5. 1650 30th St., Boulder
All items baked at this location (note: some bakery products sold at this location are baked elsewhere and are not Pas Yisroel) The Mashgiach turns on the oven at times and the oven is never allowed to be turned off completely Only items that bear a PY indication
(e.g., Parve PY) are certified as Pas Yisroel.
Rosenberg’s Kosher All breads, cakes and pastries The Jewish person lights the pilot light The Vaad certifies these products as Pas Yisroel