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Vaad Hakashrus of Denver

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The Scroll K is a non-profit kashrus agency that is recognized by rabbinical associations around the world. We enjoy the support and cooperation of thousands of synagogues and rabbis representing kosher consumers.

As a kosher certifying agency, we service food manufacturers, bakeries, candy manufacturers, dairies, snack foods companies, chemical companies, supermarket chains, restaurants, caterers, and independent grocers. In addition, The Scroll K provides lectures to businesses, universities, schools, and hospitals. The Scroll K is also contracted by the Colorado and Nevada Department of Corrections to facilitate kosher options for those incarcerated.

The affixation of the Scroll K symbol is a firm guarantee to consumers and manufacturers alike that its product is in full compliance with the highest kosher standards. Its symbol can be found on grocery store shelves and warehouses across the nation.

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