King Soopers Bread & Buns

In the past, breads or buns produced by The King Soopers bakery plant, sold on the regular grocery shelves, had The Scroll K symbol pre-printed on the package.
Due to a change in packaging, any bread with either
  1. a pre-printed Scroll K symbol or
  2. a Scroll K printed in the ink-jetted production code or
  3. a KS at the end of the production code followed by a 1,2,3 or 4 are Scroll K Pareve.
Any brand without Scroll K symbol or without KS are not certified as kosher.
We at Scroll K as well as King Soopers apologize for any confusion caused by this packaging change.
Call, text or email Rabbi Michoel Fleischmann with any questions or concerns at 303-815-4882 or