Pesach Updates (Buyers Beware, Shemitah Wine and Almond Flour)

  1. Buyers Beware: It is prudent to check each item for Pesach certification even when purchased from Pesach sections. Many items look similar as year-round or may not belong in that section.
  2. A wine which usually carries an acceptable certification is currently being sold in local King Soopers with the following notice: As many kosher wines are imported from Eretz Yisroel (Israel), it is important to be cognizant of Shemitah concerns, as 2022 season wines appear on store shelves. As always, check carefully for kosher symbols; wines bearing an OU or OK kosher symbol are approved. Keep your kosher antenna up when purchasing wine. Some 2022 wines will bear different kosher certifications than those they generally bear because they do not meet the Shemitah standards of their regular certifying agency. If you mistakenly purchased Shemitah wine, it may be returned to the store.
  3. An addition to the 2024 Kashrus Komments: Kirkland (Costco) Almond Flour with either Kof-K or KORC symbol is recommended for Pesach use.